About Neutec/Rio Grande

Did you know that Neutec/USA® and Rio Grande® grew from the same strong roots? Since 1944, when Rio Grande opened its doors and became a silent partner to jewelry-makers around the world, each and every one custom designer, hobbyist, retailer, or large manufacturer is enjoying more freedom to explore their creative passion, producing higher-quality jewelry pieces, and building greater business success. From the beginning, Rio Grande operated from a foundation of unparalleled service, quality products and expert know-how, overlaid with the determination to make all three available to all of its customers at their own convenience, delivered when and how their businesses need them.

In 1991, Rio Grande® owner/director Eddie Bell saw the need in the industry for dependable, user-friendly casting equipment, and he launched Neutec/USA®. The Neutec brand embodied the already well-established and world-renowned Rio Grande philosophy of unparalleled customer service and leading-edge design backed by the best experts in the business experts who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and who also make house calls when the need arises. Neutec began engineering and building casting machines that work with jewelry-makers to meet their business and production goals easily, reliably, and repeatedly. In fact, the first model Neutec delivered, the J-10b, proved itself to be so reliable that many of them are still in service, working every day to produce the well-made, cost-effective castings they promised on day one.

Over the years, more casting machine models followed, each designed to meet the specific needs and production demands of a wide range of business environments and built with the latest technology, using the best materials around. Most include innovations developed and patented by Neutec engineers, and all have controls so well-designed that they are incredibly easy to use. In addition, accessory items such as the RC water recirculating units, the Chiller water-cooling unit, and the GrainPro grain-making machine have made casting processes even more cost-effective and streamlined.

In 2004, Neutec again identified an industry need to take better advantage of laser technology for jewelry applications. Surveying the machines that were available, Eddie Bell remembers, It seemed that everyone was getting into a horsepower war, adding more and more joules although much of the power never got to the workpiece. Laser welding offers such great potential to jewelry professionals, but the equipment on the market at the time wasted power that was critical to achieving good results. How did Eddie Bell and Neutec answer the need? With the PulsePoint™ family of laser welding machines.

The PulsePoint floor models and Studio table-top models are designed in such a way that they eliminate much of the energy dissipation that can occur before it ever gets to the workpiece. PulsePoint welding machines deliver a higher-duty cycle output (average power) from fewer joules. At that time, for example, an ordinary 100- to 120-joule machine was producing only 35-50 watts of average power; a PulsePoint machine floor or table-top took just 75 joules and delivered an impressive 65 watts of average power. And, not only does more power get to the workpieces, the efficiency built into to the machines enables components to deliver a much longer service life as a result.

PulsePoint laser welding machines have remained at the forefront of the industry; every new advance in the science brings a corresponding advance in the engineering of the Neutec PulsePoint machines advances that directly benefit Neutec customers and partners.

All these years later, Neutec, now known as Neutec/Rio Grande, continues to innovate, seizing new opportunities to better serve the jewelry-making industry. The company remains fully committed to providing affordable, state-of-the-art technology that is easy to operate produces quality, cost-effective castings every day, year after year. And Neutec continues, as it has from the beginning, to deliver unsurpassed service, quality products and expert know-how to help jewelry professionals around the world succeed and thrive in the industry they love. For those who already know Neutec, all of this is part of your success already and will continue to be. For those who have not yet discovered Neutec and the benefit of having a partner they can depend on absolutely, Neutec stands ready to serve every casting, grain-making and laser-welding need.

Expert knowledge. Quality equipment. Unparalleled service. Build on your success today with Neutec/Rio Grande

Neutec President: Eddie Bell


A jewelry-industry veteran of more than 40 years, Eddie Bell is the President of Neutec, the manufacturer of some of the most technically advanced casting, grain-making and laser-welding equipment in the world, as well as the Director of Technology for Rio Grande, one of the largest and most diversified suppliers to the jewelry industry.

Eddie learned his craft from his father and, like his father, has always had a passion for jewelry-making and casting. His inquiring mind and his willingness to explore new ideas have made him the acknowleged expert he is today. In fact, the passion to know and the desire to share and exchange knowledge with other professionals in the jewelry industry led him, in 1986, to co-found the Santa Fe Symposium, which quickly became the premier educational forum for jewelry manufacturers.